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MLL Enterprise has evolved, as many projects|brands|companies do, over many years and with much input and prodding. Let's start at the beginning, where I [Melissa Schneider] was an English teacher and tech junkie. After making a slight career change, and moving from the classroom to the Media Center, I found my love of books and technology continuously growing. Along with this expansion came lots of individual emails sent to colleagues highlighting new tech tools for classrooms, ideas for reading, and collaborative project ideas. When individual emails become far too burdensome, the concept of a blog was born. Hey, Mrs. Library Lady! became the new "one-stop shop" for most of that professional sharing. Then came a few days in the summer of 2013, when a little thing called a Google Certification Academy led to some serious thought about doing more than in-house training exclusively for my own school district. Fast-forward a year through the process of becoming a Certified Google for Education Trainer, and we arrive at the inception of MLL Enterprise (inspired by the Mrs. Library Lady blog).

My educational foundation is based upon over twenty years of experience as a high school English teacher, Media Specialist, technology integrationist, and professional development trainer. My passion for learning keeps me engaged with emerging technologies in an effort to understand what (if any) value they may have in the world of education. Ultimately, I aim to inspire and educate students and colleagues so that they can become effective users of information and technology.

As a Certified Google for Education Trainer, I have worked closely with many teachers and students as they have explored and integrated various Google applications into their everyday lives. Additionally, I am experienced in the deployment and administration of both Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks.

I live in Caledonia, MI, with my husband and two children, and serve as a Media Specialist for 7th-12th grades in Wyoming, MI.

You can connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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