Tuesday, March 9, 2021

💻Tech Tip Tuesday | Use remove.bg to quickly and easily remove backgrounds from images

I absolutely love to create visual projects for students to showcase their learning, so finding a tool that's easy to use, is free, and lets us customize images to use in presentations and graphics was a must. Remove.bg has been the tool I've been missing from my toolbox!! I've been playing around with this simple and free website for about a year, and it just keeps getting better and better. Just drag/drop or upload an image to the site, and voilà - the background is gone, and you can either copy the new image to your project or download to insert later.

Cool for School | The ideas for school are pretty limitless, but below are a couple of simple uses.
  • Have students put themselves in their favorite place(s) and write about them (Google Drawings Idea)
  • Stop using "mug shot" photos for things like students of the month or honor roll awards. Remove the backgrounds and create presentations that are fun to look at (Google Slides Idea)

Want to see just how easy remove.bg is to use? Check out the tutorial below for details as well as ideas for classroom use.

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