Tuesday, March 23, 2021

💻Tech Tip Tuesday | My Favorite Audio Tools, Tips, and Hacks

Finding ways to incorporate speaking and listening into the classroom on a regular basis can be tough. For many teachers, working with audio files can be daunting. Over the years, I've found a few favorite audio recording tools that are easy to use and have broad application for any classroom. 


    • web based
    • no login
    • super simple to record
    • multiple sharing options like sharing a link, QR code, or download MP3 file to insert into Google Slides
    • Chrome extension
    • once it's installed, it's always at your fingertips for quick use
    • easy to share with link
    • BONUS: add audio/voice to Google Forms
SCREENCASTIFY also lets you export audio only for any video you record, and a bonus is that it saves directly to your Google Drive making it easier than ever to add to Google Slides!!


    • Add spoken instructions to lessons (great for students learning English, for Language classes, providing lessons for subs, etc.)
    • Provide audio feedback in comments
    • Add audio to Google Forms
    • Narrate ANYTHING!
    • Add background music
    • Explain learning
    • Add language translations
    • Narrate ANYTHING! (Children’s book, comic, presentation, etc.)

Check out this tutorial that highlights each of these tools (and a bonus) in action!

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