Saturday, March 24, 2018

Review: Long Way Down

Long Way Down Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jason Reynolds has done it again! This novel in verse is gritty, powerful, and a must-read for teens and the adults who care about them.

Will's brother has been murdered, and now it's time to follow the RULES. 1) No Crying 2) No Snitching 3)Revenge. This is just how it is; Will didn't invent the rules, Shaun didn't invent the rules, but what he knows is that "they weren't meant to be broken. They were meant for the follow." So now Will has a job to do, like it or not. The elevator ride from his eighth-floor apartment is a Long Way Down, and on each floor, Will is faced with a ghost from his past, all gone because of gun violence. Ultimately, he needs to decide if he will continue the cycle and join them because if he follows the Rules, he will end up just like each of them.

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