Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Free & Simple Speaking and Listening Activities for Students

Communication is a vital tool for today's students, and a great way to increase students' oral fluency is to have them speak more in class. This doesn't mean you have to build in more time for student presentations! There are many activities that you are already doing that can naturally build in speaking components without taking away instructional time from class. Check out the short video below to see three easy ways to add speaking (and listening) activities to your content.

Resources: check out these links to all of the tools demonstrated in the video.
  • Vocaroo
  • Screencastify or Loom screen recorders
  • Flipgrid
  • Our favorite headphones - Avid w/microphone are a great deal for $6.99 a pair via the REMC Bid pricing if you are in Michigan or you can find them online for the retail price of around $13-14.

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