Thursday, September 28, 2017

Google Keep | my go-to note taking tool

If you haven't realized it yet, I'm a Google gal. I'm willing to test out just about any app that can streamline my life (personal or work) and integrates easily with the accounts I already have. Google Keep is one of those apps that has proven to be a tried and true friend for me both at home and at work. No more lost sticky notes or genius ideas jotted down on scrap paper then left at work (or home).

Keep, in its simplest form, is a note-taking application. Using the web or mobile versions, users can take notes, make lists, record audio notes, and even snap and save pics (with handwritten annotations) to their notes in real-time.

Great - lots of apps can do those things, but Keep takes it a step further with the simple ability to collaborate with others on notes (my family's grocery list - if you don't add it, don't expect me to buy it!). You can also set reminders by date, time, and even location (so when you show up at a specific spot, you'll be reminded about what you were supposed to do/get). Enhance your web-based Keep experience even more by adding the Save to Keep and Popup for Keep Chrome extensions, and you'll be bookmarking and annotating websites like a champ. Keep notes can also be integrated with Docs and Slides in just a few clicks. Instant sync means a note saved from my phone is available instantly on my Chromebook or desktop, and vice versa, so my ideas are always just a click away. Search your notes with the built-in Search function - remember, Google is a search engine! One of my top reasons for loving Google apps is the ease of use with multiple Google accounts; I can keep my family life and work life totally organized and totally separate by toggling between accounts. And have I mentioned that Keep is FREE?!?!

Check out these quick tutorials of some of the key features of Keep, and give it a try!

Keep for Mobile

Keep on the Web

Applications for Education
  • virtual sticky notes
  • organize research (to later integrated into a Doc or Slide)
  • real-world learning - snap photos of concepts in real life situations or record moments of inspiration as they happen
  • save websites with comments for later use
  • document learning - snap photos of whiteboards, notes, etc. to share with peers or teachers
  • ...and the list can go on and on!

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