Monday, April 10, 2017

Review: The Last True Love Story

The Last True Love Story The Last True Love Story by Brendan Kiely
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Teddy (Hendrix), Corrina, Gpa, and Old Humper (the dog) set out on an epic road trip, and "you have to respect the road trip."

Teddy's goal is to record as much of his Gpa's history as he can before Alzheimer's takes his memories away. Getting Gpa back to New York, where he met and fell in love with Teddy's grandma, is a last ditch effort on Teddy's part to help his Gpa hang on to the memory of his grandma and their love.

Corrina's dream is to become a musician. She spends hours playing her guitar on the boardwalk as she dreams of finding someplace to fit in.

After a clandestine meeting, Teddy and Corrina hatch a plan to drive cross-country from LA to New York in search of something more. Teddy's quest centers on his Gpa, but along the way, he learns more than he ever wanted to about his dead father and why nobody talks about him. Corrina sets off to find her musical niche, but she too learns something about herself, her loneliness, and why she doesn't seem to fit in.

Ultimately, this is a lyrical story filled with song, friendship, budding romance, discovery, and memory. Highly recommended.

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