Thursday, March 3, 2016

Voice Typing in Google Docs - new and improved!

Google Docs is a go-to application within the Google Apps for Education suite, and it's Voice Typing tool has recently been updated to include some great features that allow users to do more than just dictate words. A comprehensive list of voice commands means that users can now edit documents by selecting and formatting text and layouts. [Keep in mind that voice typing is only available for those using the Chrome browser.]

Check out this tutorial on how to use Voice Typing.

Classroom Tips
  • The Voice Typing tool is great for students who have difficulty typing or have motor skill deficiencies
  • Make sure that students have headphone microphones if you plan to use in class (device microphones alone will pick up everyone's chatter).
  • Don't get caught up with the formatting features - Voice Typing works best to get ideas on "paper" so that you can go back and edit later.
  • Try to speak slower than normal in order to get the best voice recognition - and talking a bit like a robot helps too!

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