Friday, November 13, 2015

Back on the Twitter bus...

My personal travels with Twitter have been somewhat tumultuous.  Over the past four to five years, I've jumped on the Twitter bandwagon multiple times, only to be derailed again and again.  Here are a few tips I have for those educators who are new (or starting over) in the Twitter world.

You don't have to read every Tweet! Set a schedule that works for you, and follow it.  Set aside 10-15 minutes each morning (or lunchtime or before bed) to peruse your Twitter feed, and don't feel bad the rest of the day if you never take another look.

Start as a lurker.  It took me a while to get the gist of Twitter, and it was extremely helpful to just watch what others were Tweeting about before I ventured out into the world of Tweeting, Retweeting, Mentions, hashtags, etc.

Value over Volume!  Some people Tweet a lot.  Often, I see that many of their Tweets don't add to any particular conversation or serve to motivate any particular individuals.  I want my Tweets to serve a purpose.   Whether it be to share a resource, build up a great idea, make someone feel good, send a positive message about my school, or connect like-minded people, I like to think that my limited number of tweets have value to my circles.

Check out my Twitter for Educators site for some tips on using Twitter to build your PLN and to connect your classroom. And follow me @schneimel.

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